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december 2015

We will set up our small ephemeral community at Fazenda Serrinha, A very cozy venue, embedded in nature, just outside of São Paulo.

A mix of cultural center and ecological reserve, this is the perfect place to keep cell phones away and allow ourselves to enjoy the flow state of the experience.



FERNANDA BAFFA :: Head of Perestroika SP | +55 11 959.591.287

If you have any questions of any further information, please talk to Fernanda.

1x R$ 5.600,00 or 6x R$ 1.040,00

(brazilian reais)

This fee includes:

Course +
Transportation from SP to Serrinha and back +
All inclusive meals +
4 nights at the Serrinha Farm hotel.

*Signed copies of The MISFIT ECONOMY book for the 10 first people who register.


If you want to join NEOTRIBES Brazilian edition from abroad, that would be awesome. Keep in mind that all activities will be held in English. Just proceed with the sign-up and registration and keep in touch. We have a lot of information and tips to help make your trip to Brazil a lot easier.

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Neotribalism: a sociological concept which postulates that human beings have evolved to live in tribal society, as opposed to mass society

see intro
The Tribes

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OuiShare is an international community of innovators working together on emerging paradigms such as open source manufacturing, decentralized organizations and zero waste societies. OuiShare runs OuiShare Fest, a 3-day conference on collaborative societies, gathering 1,500 innovators in Paris every year, and Poc21, a 5-week long innovation camp to prototype a zero waste society.


Wisdom Hackers acts as a bridge between the old and new, right and left, yin and yang. Our community works to catalogue wisdom practices from ancient and modern times that can be used to provide new pathways for understanding and insight. We believe in big questions, immersive experiences, and distributed community. We stand for a world of mesh prophecy and peer-to-peer spirituality, a world where there are no gurus.


Agora Collective is a multidisciplinary community, hosted in a space that was founded in June of 2011 in Berlin, with the mission to create a community prototype that reflects on alternative models for cultural, social and economical production today.

Sistema B

The B Corps Movement is a global movement of people and companies that are building a new sector of the economy, where success is measured by the welfare of individuals, societies and the planet. Today, there are more than 1,300 certified B Corps that are using the power of their businesses as a force for good, across 60 industries and over 42 nations around the world.


Perestroika is a school of creativity based in Brazil. In 8 years of activity, we have developed an original methodology called Experience Learning, a framework aligned with contemporary educational concepts. Through this methodology, we believe we can help the world become a more creative, subversive, sensitive and generous place.

The Tribes

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The Tribes

- facilitators -



Co-founder @ OuiShare

  • //Entrepreneur, strategist, speaker.
  • //International Community Builder.
  • //Advisor to executive leadership.
  • Fields of study: distributed leadership, crowd-based innovation, tools of decentralization, emerging paradigms.
Antonin Léonard
Alexa Clay



Author “The Misfit Economy”
& Steward @ Wisdom Hackers

  • //Bestselling author & speaker.
  • //Lived in a windmill in Portugal reading philosophy.
  • //Co-Founder of the League of Intrapreneurs, a movement to bring "corporate social revolution" to big business.
  • Fields of study: economic history, anthropology, social entrepreneurship, innovation, poetry and philosophy.



Co-founder @ Agora Collective

  • //Co-founder of Coliga, Apoio and the Berlin Future Forum.
  • //Works as a business activator around collaborative lifestyles in online and offline community building.
  • Fields of study: business development, space, community building, group dynamics, psychology.
Pedro Jardim
Tomás de Lara


de Lara

Co-leader @ Sistema B Brazil

  • //Co-founder @ Goma, a collaborative space for entrepreneurs.
  • //Co-founder @ Global Shapers Hubs of Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre.
  • //Social entrepreneur, teacher, speaker.
  • Fields of study: social entrepreneurship, sustainable development, collaborative governance & culture and biomimetics for business.



Co-founder @ Perestroika

  • //Educator, teacher & speaker.
  • //Lego® Serious Play® certified facilitator.
  • //From 2012 to 2013, member of Innovation Council Board @ Natura.
  • Fields of study: entrepreneurship, creativity, education and comedy.
Felipe Anghinoni
Neotribes' Schedule

- Neotribes Schedule -

day 1 dec, 9th | wed


Arrival & Lodging

Course Check-in

Neotribes Paradigm overview

day 2 dec, 10th | thu


Inner Change

Changing within changes the economy.

Hacking personal identity & alter egos.

The mindfulness imperative.

New models of leadership, slavery and servitude.


Emerging Culture

Emerging social networks and subcultures.

New models of relationship and contracts in society.

Lessons from outsiders: eco-villages, cults and intentional communities.

Intrapreneurs: transforming cultures from within.

Pop-up cultures: refugees, Burning Man, live-action role-playing.

day 3 dec, 11th | fri


Organizational Change

Horizontal organization challenges beyond bureaucracy.

How to scale without losing your soul.

Cooperative ownership; participatory governance.

Holistic decision-making.

Purpose Driven Organizations.


Future Infrastructures

The science of community and structuring meaningful partnerships.

Building grassroots movements.

New ownership structures.

Collectives, Cooperatives & Community business.

Government re-imagined.

day 4 dec, 12th | sat

full day

Building Tribes

Course Check-out

day 5 dec, 13th | sun




Hotel check-out

Neotribes' Schedule

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